Losing My Way.

Why do we lose your way? And why can’t we find our way back when we want to? Image

I lost my way with God and now I want to go back to where I left Him but its so difficult. SO many things on the way that distract me from my destination. What if when I do finally get to the place He is no longer there? 

I want to give my life away for Him but why do I have to slip and fall every time? He is my life line and staying away from him makes me go weak. Kills me a little everyday. He is my oxygen and one can’t live without oxygen for long. Suffocation. That’s what I feel. My life is slipping away every moment I stay away from Him. I want to go to place where there is only God and me. that would be a mountain top experience. 

But I’ve had my fair share of mountain top experience. And I know that He lets it happen so that when we go down to the valley we will know He is with us. And just waiting for us to call out for help. I know He would come running if I call out to him. But I feel so inadequate somehow to call out to Him. He shouldn’t have to come and pick me up after all my falls. 

I want to enter into a day where I don’t fall over all the time. Where I do what He asks me do without questioning Him. But that looks FAR FAR away. 


4 thoughts on “Losing My Way.

  1. Everyone falls, and there will never come a time in this life when human beings don’t trip up. God love us in spite of ourselves, our failures. He’s there and He loves you. He our hearts and that we are trying all you need to do is just let go and He will guide you.

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